Welcome to the fourth post in The Casual Gourmet’s series of tips for newly engaged brides. You can view all the tips (once published) here or learn more about the author, Olive Chase (THE Cape Cod wedding expert) here. Check back often for more tips!

The vendors you choose are a key aspect of the wedding planning process. You want to make sure when picking your vendors, you choose companies and people with good reputations and an understanding of your overall wedding vision.

Most people look at:

Venue – See our last post, Location, Location, Location.

Music – Do you want a band, a DJ or are you ok with hooking up an iPod to a speaker for your reception?

Flowers – Do you want large intricate arrangements or do you want something simpler like some daisies or sunflowers in a vase?

Wedding Official – Are you choosing an officiant so you can get married with your toes in the sand or do you need a priest so you can have your nuptials in a church?

Photographer – Some photographers specialize in a photojournalistic style and help you capture the moment without feeling like you are posing for the camera the whole time. Or maybe you prefer the more traditional posed formal picture style of photography which many photographers still use.

Tent & Rentals– Don’t just consider the products themselves, will the company send staff to replace damaged rentals or in inclement weather to maintain the tent?

Caterer – We will go on and on about food in our next few posts but make sure you pick a caterer you’re comfortable with – chances are they will have the most staff and largest presence at your reception. Also, find out what they do other than food. For instance, The Casual Gourmet is full-service, we can help hire all the other vendors and provide a day-of a coordinator to ensure your wedding goes smoothly.

Beyond  the basics consider some of the less-than traditional vendors to make your special day extra special.

Novelties – We have seen everything from a cigar roller to a photo booth. Consider what you and your significant other love (other than each other!) and add something to your wedding to share that passion with your guests.

Videographer – Videos have come a long way from the time when videographers used to plop themselves in the middle of the dance floor with their invasive lighting and large camera equipment. Many videographers these days are shooting in a cinematic style and can capture the emotions of the day in a short video clip. Here is a great example of a wedding shot over the summer. Check out the video below of Ashleigh and Henry’s wedding we catered in June – video by Damon Dietz from Absolute Media Productions.