Andy and Christine from Bello!

The Casual Gourmet works with hundreds of vendors on the Cape and we are always finding and working with new vendors. However, we have some of our favorites that throughout our 20 years in catering have help put together some of the most spectacular and creative events. We thought would profile some of them in an ongoing series.

To kick-off the series, we thought we would start with one of the best photographers around: Bello Photography.

Name: Bello Photography
Phone: 508.539.1039

The company is run by it’s two primary photographers – Andy Beet and Christine Ferullo – a husband and wife team who truly are masters of their craft. Not only are they phenomenal photographers, they are also fun people to work with (Just look at the self-portrait they sent us above!). To give you a taste of their zeal for life, here is the story behind the name ‘Bello Photography’

Our studio name, Bello, is a combination of our last names. We considered Feet Photography, but Bello has a nicer ring…don’t you think? Bello also means beautiful in Spanish. We fell in love in Spain and we think love is a beautiful thing!! We could photograph anything, but we absolutely LOVE shooting weddings!

With so many companies choosing to follow the format of ‘John Smith’ Photography, Bello’s name alone gives you a sense for the passion and creativity they bring to their work.

We work a lot with Bello so here is a sampling of their work from a wedding we did together earlier this year.

collage of photos from a recent Cape Cod wedding, shot by Bello Photography and catered by The Casual Gourmet, Cape Cod's Foremost Caterer

The wedding was a classic water front reception at Nauticus Marina with a gorgeous Sperry Sail Cloth Tent (Two other favorite vendors we will soon profile!). Take a look at some of Bello’s best shots below. They could not have done a better job capturing the elegance of the event.