One of the latest trends in the Wedding business has been to ditch the traditional wedding cake and go with cupcakes instead!

Why Cupcakes?

Cupcakes might seem like an odd choice for  a wedding but they offer a number of advantages to a typical three tiered wedding cake.

First, they are easy to serve. No messy pile of icing and cake after a hot summer day to cut up and dish out.

Second, cupcakes can come in as many flavors and styles as you want. Sure you can get creative with a wedding cake but with cupcakes, you could have a unique ‘cake’ for each guest!

Finally, they are different and adorable! Cupcakes can add that little edgy spunk to your wedding to really make it stand out from the rest.

What about ‘cutting the cake’?

When breaking from tradition, sometimes a part of that tradition can get lost. Fortunately, this is not one of those times! Many couples will have cupcakes on a three tiered rack but instead of cup cakes on the top, they will have an actually cake topper for the traditional ‘cutting of the cake.’

For instance, take a look at the cup cakes from Grace and Silas’ wedding this past weekend. Instead of going with a traditional wedding cake, Grace and Silas decided to go with four levels of red velvet cupcakes topped with a butter creme icing. And on top of all that, a traditional wedding cake top so they could still cut the cake!

Other couples have skipped the cake topper completely and just fed each other a cupcake! Either way, cupcakes add a unique twist to any wedding.

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