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When it comes to planning a wedding, there’s an endless list of things to think about. The location, guest accommodations and party activities just skim the surface. Every little detail in the wedding has a goal to be that memorable moment for the bride and groom and all their guests. When combined, the memories of the perfect wedding should spark all five senses. The one element that appeases all the senses at once is the food, and The Casual Gourmet caterers brings that attitude with its services.

The Casual Gourmet has cemented itself as one of the premier wedding vendors in Cape Cod. Started by Olive Chase in 1986 in a tiny storefront, the shop originally focused on gourmet delicacies. The business was a success right off the bat, but a demand for catering services brought the company in a new direction. Just five years later, business had grown exponentially and The Casual Gourmet moved to a larger facility. By this time, Olive was already considered a local legend and was at the top of the list for any catering need.

With an expertise in catering, Olive also gained a reputation as a premier destination wedding vendor. She takes her ever-expanding knowledge of the catering business to speak at several seminars and conferences across the nation. Olive currently serves on the board of directors of the International Caterers Association as well as on the Caterers Committee of the Massachusetts Restaurant Association.

The dedicated staff of The Casual Gourmet brings decades of culinary experience and can provide service to any style of wedding. Be it a small wedding, or a huge one, the company not only plans an appropriate menu, but will help organize the entire event. They take care of all rentals and hiring of outside vendors and will even provide recommendations for wedding locations. With it’s excellent reputation in the area, The Casual Gourmet has attained “preferred status” amongst some of the upscale wedding locations on the Cape. 

Any menu, be it a continental breakfast, a rehearsal dinner or for the reception should reflect both the bride and groom’s taste, as well as the overall theme of the wedding. The Casual Gourmet chefs work diligently to ensure that the food becomes on of the most memorable aspects of the wedding. The company provides an extensive list of sample menus that can be worked with, or the staff can create a completely custom menu. 

Expectations of a wedding menu are sure to be surpassed. The Casual Gourmet brings the flexibility to create classic dishes exactly the way the bride and groom want, or can have a unique twist on the various items. With the quality of food at its highest, and the taste sure to be sublime, the chefs also focus on an elegant presentation. 

Cape Cod is truly one of the best locations for a wedding, and for obvious reasons. The setting, the atmosphere and the rich history are all elements that can create wonderful memories of a perfect wedding. Brides and grooms can be sure that The Casual Gourmet is just one more piece that makes Cape Cod the wedding destination that it is.