Every weekend we help people celebrate the beginning of new families. Well this past weekend, we took some time to celebrate our family!

Each summer we get the whole gang together to remember what’s important. And let me tell you, there is no question that we are a BIG Italian family!



That’s me right down front with the kids. And it seems like we have a growing number of the Fam working here at The Casual Gourmet. My sister Mary (right in the center) is my Operations Manager and my son Dave (taking the picture) is my IT & Marketing Manager.

And in case you have ever wondered who caters the caterer’s party… well it’s the caterer, of course! We had a fabulous meal of fresh fruit, orzo salad, roasted vegetables, shrimp salad and roasted tenderloin. All topped off with strawberry short cake!

It was a great day and we got lucky that the sun came out! Although the food was great, the people even better, everyone agrees that the best part was watching the little ones having fun!