Lovely note from Jamie & Darius, we did a blog post about their wedding and making your wedding truly yours.

Dear Olive,

We can’t believe it’s already been a whole month since our big day, but from the moment it was over, we haven’t stopped thinking about how perfect our wedding was and how much of that is attributed to the amazing efforts of Casual Gourmet and, in particular, to all the work you did to make the evening flawless – for this we are extremely thankful.

Sure we were “extra organized” in our planning process (probably to the point of being certifiably insane!), but what we needed from the get-go was true expertise and experience in Cape weddings. We couldn’t have asked for a more thorough or more knowledgeable expert and we were honored to have you run our event. From the nuances of menu choices to the considerations for “Plan B’s”, you never missed a detail. We knew we were in good hands from the moment you drew the Heritage Estate Lawn’s water drainage patterns from the top of your head!

You also had amazing instinct for the strengths and shortcomings of other vendors assisting in our event, going completely above and beyond what either of us would expect from a typical caterer. You were effectively our wedding coordinator and, without hesitation, synced efforts to make the planning process as well as the wedding seamless.

Looking back, it seems like all of this work alone would have been worth the cost, but the quality of food and service from the Casual Gourmet completely blew our expectations out of the park. We heard countless times from our guests that this was easily the best food they had tasted at a wedding and that they were astounded that salmon served buffet-style could be as moist and tender as it was. Regarding your service, one of our guests commented that he had never attended such a “guest-centric” wedding. Even though we had planned and planned and planned before the big day, we were still surprised by Casual Gourmet’s “special touches”, including the forethought to serve guests wine and refreshments while waiting in the receiving line as well as the consideration to serve prepared plates to the head table in an effort to save us time.

The details and coordination of the evening was immense and the grace with which everything was carried out was nothing less than impressive. We cannot thank you enough for all you did to help make our wedding as special as it was – everything truly turned out perfect in our eyes. Finally, we wanted to say how much we enjoyed working with you – all three of us are “detail-oriented” and we think it helped us click from the beginning. As glad as we are to have the wedding behind us, we will definitely miss our meetings in Centerville. Who are we kidding, we’re stopping by for a baked treat the next time we’re in town…

Olive, thank you again so very much. Please also extend our warm thanks to your incredible staff, without which we could never have pulled off our perfect wedding.

Warmest regards,
Jamie & Darius