Welcome to the seventh post in The Casual Gourmet’s series of tips for newly engaged brides. You can view all the tips (once published) here or learn more about the author, Olive Chase (THE Cape Cod wedding expert) here. Check back often for more tips!

Tradition, of course, calls for a wedding cake. However, during the past few seasons we saw many brides request cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake. Lately we have seen this trend fizzle out as more and more brides are moving away from the cupcake tiers and opting for a beautiful traditional wedding cake with a variety of fillings and flavors.

We have also seen a growing request for items such as pies. Another popular trend are dessert bars such as ice cream sundae bars, cupcake bars and even s’mores bars where guests can come up and make their own s’mores to order. This past summer we even did a fun Crème Brule Station.

Most people will stick with your traditional layered wedding cake but don’t be afraid to try something different, particularly if you have a dessert you and your soon to be spouse love!