We are happy to announce that our very own Kristin Shaner has won the prestigious Chef David Keener Memorial Culinary Scholarship award and is going to to Catersource this March! The ICAEF established this scholarship after David passed away in 2010, with the goal of creating an on-going Chef’s scholarship to deserving ICA chefs to attend the Catersource and/or CaterArts conferences.

Kristin has shown a great commitment to her continued learning of the culinary arts. She started at the UCT High School for the Culinary Arts and then went on to the CIA for an associate degree and later Johnson and Wales where she earned an associate degree in baking and pastry. Kristin is hoping to fine tune her skills and continue to learn because as she says “once you think you know it all, that’s when your realize you have so much left to learn!” She started here at the Casual Gourmet about three years ago and she hopes “to never stop learning, growing, and becoming one of the industry greats that the future generations will look up to.”

Kristin is part of the Casual Gourmet’s commitment to education and learning and will be joining our Olive, our senior Event producer, Sarah Biggs, and our Executive Chef, Dan Lane, at Catersource. Vegas better get ready for this Casual Gourmet invasion!!