At the Casual Gourmet, we recognize that your wedding cake is so much more than a mere dessert, and our 30 plus years of experience as a wedding cake bakery and designer on Cape Cod means that we don’t just make your wildest wedding cake dreams a reality: we exceed them.

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A classic Cape Cod wedding cake. Erin McGinn photo.

To share a delicious wedding cake with your guests is to end an already blissful day on a high (and sweet!) note, and such an important bookend to your wedding celebration deserves the proper attention to detail. Our reputation as a gourmet caterer who also makes some of the best wedding cakes on Cape Cod has not come without decades of hard work, pulling off some 100 weddings each year, and we are eager to share our perspective and experience with the couples we work with. In fact, we’re so passionate about our work as the best bakery on Cape Cod that you don’t need to hire us as your wedding caterer for us to make your wedding cake.

We usually start by asking couples the most important question: how do you want the cake to taste? This is the most fun part of what is, in our opinion, a pretty all-around-fun process. We encourage couples to come in for a tasting at our location in Centerville, Massachusetts, and to come hungry!

We bake our cakes from the finest and freshest ingredients, and offer a host of delectable flavors. For a wedding in the height (and often heat) of summer, we might suggest a light, fruity profile such as lemon cake with a raspberry filling, and a rolled fondant frosting to ensure that it can stand up to the hot weather. Fall weddings pair perfectly with the rich taste of chocolate: we might recommend chocolate cake with mocha mousse filling, and the utterly irresistible taste of a thick coating of buttercream frosting.

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One of our wedding cakes with an autumnal look. Elizabeth LaDuca photo.

Once the flavor and frosting of the cake is established, it’s time to talk style. This season, we’re seeing so many exciting new trends, from geode cakes and sugar ruffles to painted fondant, ombré effects and cascades of delicate (and delicious) sugar flowers. We also love the way that wedding color palettes and the design of the bride’s dress are serving as prompts that inform the design of the wedding cake, so be sure to bring us your fabric swatches, your inspiration boards, and some photos of your dress and venue.

But whether a couple comes in with a photo of the cake of their dreams, or just a vague idea of what they want, we will design and bake a cake that exceeds your expectations for your Cape Cod wedding. From deciding on the number of tiers needed to feed your wedding guests, to the shape and style that best fits your wedding venue and theme, to selecting decorations that fulfill your vision while meeting your budget, and then deciding how to display the cake at your reception, we can help you navigate the myriad of options to hone in on the design that works best for you.

The wedding cake cutting ceremony represents the first task that you do together as a married couple. We work to ensure that everything from the design and decorations, delivery and display go off without a hitch, so that you are ready for this big moment. After that, we leave you to enjoy the sweetness of your new life together. Cheers!

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Incorporating more than one flavor of cake is always a great idea. Leila Brewster photo.

Top photo: Erin McGinn.